Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles is committed to improving maternal health, and specifically to reducing health disparities in communities at risk for poor outcomes. We strive to provide compassionate, culturally aware support and a nonjudgmental, welcoming community.

Most of our services are available at zero out-of-pocket to those on a Medicaid health care plan. They are also open to the entire community, with a focus on accessibility. All funds go directly back to Everyday Miracles to support our core programming.

Your donations help provide doula support, prenatal yoga, childbirth and breastfeeding education and a welcoming community for families from underserved communities. We are so grateful for your support!

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Nadisha Homeopathy

Ana Dotzler, who is originally from Mexico, has always been exposed to wonderful alternative modalities of holistic and natural healing, but it wasn’t until her oldest daughter presented a very bad reaction to a modern medicine intervention that started her journey into alternative approaches to help heal her daughter back to health. Ana is very passionate about healing from within. It is her calling and passion to help women, and children on their journey back to whole self. Something Ana says to clients often is “Holistic medicine focuses on healing YOU as an individual. It brings up healing from within by means of your vital force. In simple words, we, as individuals are unique and we have the power of healing within ourselves. Our vital force sometimes needs the help of homeopathy to bring us up to balance.” She is a force of nature and is committed to brining your whole self back to balance through homeopathy.

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